What is Family without faith


Here are some interesting facts about me:

Love God!  (Ya no kidding right?)

Successfully balancing blogging, writing, raising two small children at home (with my wife’s help).  Some days it seems like I am always struggling to go uphill.  Trying to raise a family that will be faithful servants of Jesus Christ.  There are so many snares in the world that are trying to pull us apart and away from God.

We are all huge Disney and Star Wars geeks.  Our family vacations are not a mater of where we are going, but which Disney resort are we going to.

My family and I are Catholic, but I am trying to keep this blog as non-denominational as possible.  We are all Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  We need to focus on coming together, not on always pointing out our differences.

In this blog I am trying to gather ammunition that we can use to fight temptation.  Tools that we can use to strengthen our faith and a journal of more of the things that we are going through.  It is my sincere wish that you will journey with us so that we all may grow together.




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What is family without faith Big Guy