What Bible Character are we closest to

August 3, 2018 0 By admin

What Bible Character are we closest to or are in some way emulating in our life?


What bible character are we closest to


An old friend once told me that he truly felt that when I go to heaven that my name would be Simeon.  When he first told me, I thought that he was kidding me.  I was just waiting for the laugh, but it never came.  I am sure that I must have just been standing there with my mouth open in disbelief.  I thanked him for the complement, but still just put it aside.  After all Simeon was a great man, who was I?  Just a average young man going to College.

As I think back on it now he did not just pick a character randomly and tell me that I was like them.  He must have put a great deal of thought into it.  I am in no way trying to say that I am a Saint.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  But we have some of the same qualities that we share.

This possibly had to do with the fact that whenever there was an event outside of our bible study group that involved faith or social causes I was there. I guess that was the devotion that he saw.  When that is combined with my desire to see all of humanity treated equally I suppose the I am a little bit like Simeon.

According to a tradition in the Eastern Orthodox Church, Simeon had been one of the seventy-two translators of the Septuagint.  By estimates, he would been over two hundred years old when he met Jesus, Mary and Joseph in the temple.  Simeon was visited by the Holy Spirit and was told that he would not die until he had seen the Lord.  Simeons faith in the Lord allowed him to live an extremely long life.  He was described as being just and devout.

Do you have a bible character that you feel close to?  Why do you think you chose that particular person?  Are their any parallels in their life and in yours?  If you do not have a favorite person in the bible or one that others say that you are like, grab your bible and start reading.  The internet is also a great tool when trying to look at the people in the Bible.  I think that this would be a great Bible study project and would surely help to deepen one’s faith.

Your person does not have to be the one that shares your Baptismal name.  If that is the person that you feel close to that is fine, but if not keep looking.  We had to do an assignment like this back when I was in grade school.  I remember that that I discovered so many people and was faced with lots of different choices. It was not a mater of finding someone who I could relate to but finding the one that I liked the most.

To my teacher and friend.  If you are reading this, thank you so much for your guidance and wisdom.  I will never forget the meetings that we shared in our little group.  Your words, songs, and wisdom have stayed with me always.  I hope that all is well with you and I pray that Gods blessings will be with you.

To my readers I hope that you have found a person in the Bible that you can relate to and draw inspiration from.  Gods Blessings