Excuse me, I am your neighbor

July 30, 2018 0 By admin

Excuse me

Excuse me Love for your neighbor


Excuse me, I think you live close to me.  How often do we take the time to get to know the people who live around us?  Our neighbors are out and around us everyday, yet most time we know nothing about them.  This is especially true in the cities.  It used to be that our neighbours were often a part of our daily lives.  Their kids would be going to the same school as yours, they would often go to the same church as you.  They would give you a hand if you needed help with something.  Now it seems that the only thing that we share with our neighbors is the location of our houses.

May times we look to the members of our church or our friends as our neighbors.  They are the ones that help us when we are down, and we can draw strength from them.  But very often these people will not be our immediate neighbors.  It most large cities neighborhoods are just collections of houses and multifamily dwellings.

Sometimes it may be difficult to make a new friend with all our neighbors since some will not be receptive to the idea, and some people are just very rude.  But many that live in your community are nice people they may just be afraid of approaching you.  You do not have to try to befriend the toughest meanest person in the neighborhood start with someone who seems to be pleasant.

The next time you are out working in the garden or perhaps going into your apartment building say Hi to someone that you do not normally talk to.  Maybe next time that you see them they will say hello to you first.  Sometimes all it takes is a small gesture to break the ice and soon you may have a chance to form a friendship.  Possibly even a chance to share your faith with them and learn more about them.

A simple act may become an opportunity to share Gods message. Maybe your words are exactly what your neighbor needs to hear.  The Holy Spirit moves through us and will give us the words that we need to share.  I have had people thank me on a few separate occasions about what I have said to them when they needed someone to talk to.  When I think back on those times the words that I said were not that special or inspirational.  They were just simple things, but I know afterwards that it must have been the Holy Spirit talking through me.

Christianity has always been about getting together breaking bread and sharing the word of Christ.  Why have so many people strayed from this idea?  I understand that in some parts of the world this is not possible because Christians are being persecuted but largely we are free to practice our religion.  I am not without fault in this matter.  Sometimes I feel so timid when it comes to sharing my faith.  I usually will not share with anyone unless I feel safe.  This is an area that I still need the Lords help to grow.

Maybe we should all take some time to pass a greeting on to someone that we do not know.  Jesus has given us so much so let’s take a little time to share the message of Gods love with someone else.